Chapter one: The beginning of the end

41st had been fighting for a few months, many of our brothers got shot down and we were becoming somewhat a squad rather than a legion, our only active members were Xterminator, trained in assasination (unit 2687), Shadow, our best fighter (unit 578), Rob our leader (unit 62) and me, Tommo the engineer (unit 521). 41st had a strike force called MG-12, wich was awaiting new members and the leader of it was often off fighting for other legions, but then after a while Tommo asked if he could lead it and Explosive (the leader of MG-12) said yes, and MG-12 started growing with clones. Then, in a battle at Salucami against some pirates who had been stealing republic resources and possibly working for the Confederation, Rob was sent on a mission to sabotage their fighter engines so they couldn't escape. He didn't come back. He was ambushed by a squad of droids and some Twi'lek pirates, he had to surrender. He was taken captive and was tortured to  break and spill secrets about the Republics attack plans, but Rob was trained well and didnt give in. After a week of Rob going missing Tommo and Xterminator decided to make MG-12 into a legion and 41st was then left on its own, no commander, no clones, and it became nothing; then after another 2 weeks Rob had escaped the Confederation and found his way back to a republic planet, but when he found 41st was dead he was furious and destroyed MG-12's new base and then left the force.


Chapter two: Order 66

MG-12 had been fighting at Dantooine with Jedi knight, Kie Smee and he was well trained in using the force to make droids start shooting at eachother and was also a well acomplished medic. When we were fighting at Felucia the Order 66 came through but we thought it was the Confederation trying to make us kill the Jedi so we Told Kie Smee who then said he owed MG-12 his life and left to into exile to go and become no one, but then MG-12 found out that it was't he Confederation but the Supreme Chancellor! So they too had to go into exile to and they became a group of bounty hunters that became very good since they had a large force to use. MG-12 started working for any one who paid except the Empire, and they used their old clone armour and upgraded it to become well equiped for most terrain.


Chapter three: The wars with 95th

MG-12 was becoming a proper clan of bounty hunters and we had made truces with afew other pirate clans such as 95th, a dark side force sensative clan that you wouldnt want to be on the wrong side with. but then 95th tried recruiting one of MG-12's members, named Dex and he joined them and then Xterminator wen't and into a massive fight and we became enemies and we fought for a long time but even though the leader of 95th, Pheonix didnt know, 95th was starting to loose members and then eventually they died, and dex rejoined MG-12. After a while we started to become less at war with Pheonix, since he'd regrouped and after a long time we became equels instead of enemies.


Chapter four: The new 41st

MG-12 where now a massive clan who had gained a mass amounts of credits and had a lot of training with other clans and legions of all sorts but then an old 41st, presumed dead, came back and re-made 41st! His name was Hero Of War, and he thought he could re-make 41st and all the old clones from it would come back and it would become a might legion again, but instead MG-12 declared war on this pathetic trooper but after a while they realised that there were stronger clans who would defend it so we left it, and then Rob (now in a storm trooper legion called CIC) said that it was a disgrace and then Hero Of War closed 41st down and joined CIC and everything wen't back to normal...


Attack of the dex!

One of our old, not so much friends from 95th, called Dex,  who had been in MG-12 had left MG-12 in haste for many reasons and had now sent a spy into MG-12 who was working with him, one evening he turned up and gave us one hell of a shock, it was Mandalore he had taken control and manipulated, he had said that they could become the most powerful bounty hunters with so many credits they could build an army, and Mand joined him, and then that evening Xterminator said he would leave and everything went mad.

Three days later Mandalore came back and said he would re-join and that he has seen the errors of what he had done, and then the most powerful clan that we knew of - 212th - came and beat Dex down to another pathetic idiot.


Rob returns

The old 41st elite, CommandoRob returned one evening and showed us all that he was going to come back soon, our  old base has been re-done, so we all think he may come back....but we will have to wait and see.

And also Pheonix with the new name of Soap (*cough*so that he wouldn't get tracked easily...*cough*) who we had made peace with has joined MG-12 and has proven already to be a formidable sniper.


The Dark CIC

The CIC, combat international clan, a society of hackers, hired to hack into vaults and data, had got into a big fight with a company they were hired to hack, and then war broke out, and the other company called themselves "The Dark CIC", and MG-12 was hired to find were there hidden base was and hack into it and leave another pirate clan mark, so they'd think it wasn't CIC.

When MG-12 did find the hidden base - which was very well hidden on New Plympto - they did as they were told and reported back, but this dark clan also had a stash of cash wich would supply some new ships and black market tech, so MG-12 also did that and left a Black sun mark, yet again.

Then, when the fight did brake out, the base ended up as blood splattered ruins, CIC and MG-12 fought as one. In the end they got a large fee of cash going into the bounty hunters pockets...


Growth Serum

MG-12 is growing. Adding many more members to the ranks of bounty hunters to the lists. New friends emerged aswell such as Fongaw and Unit93. MG-12 are growing stronger and better by the minute. So those vermin with bounties on their heads had better watch out.


Greendays Sotyr

~Greenday's Story~


The start of my SWBF2 days begins way back in summer 2007. Back then I didn't know that SWBF or SWBF2 even existed! But one day, me and my friend played the game at his house, and I got interested in the game so one day, I finally

bought it. I'd mostly played on singleplayer mode, just because of the fact that I didn't thnk I'd be good enough to play against all the pro's out there (and also 'cause I only got the game =P). I kept playing, playing and playing on single but

then I realised that I had enough skill to endure the multiplayer mode. And so I did, I played under the name

"Dovydas" and everything seemed to go fine. Then one day, I was in this anonymous server (name of it I don't

 remember xD) and a guy from a clan called {Viper} asked me to join. Obviously I accepted since I wanted to

have a lil' clan experience. Me and him played together a lot, but mostly we were glitch searching ;). When all

seemed fine and jolly (not), yet ANOTHER person from a clan completely new to me, asked to join, and I said

"ok". Still I was inexperienced and didn't know about the so-called "clan hopping" that I have done and will do

in further parts as you read. I had joined a clan called 84th, whose leader was .:84th:.Shadow. We played

regularly and although the clan was small (only 2 members xD) we recruited a new guy called Jens. Now with 3, members it got a lil' better since it was so lonely before. During one day, Shadow appointed me that we were gonna merge with a clan called "41st"...


 Luckily, 41st had quite a few active members which was a bonus. And there I met a young fellow named [41]player1. He occasionally made servers in which I joined a lot. But then, one dark day, I entered the realm of a 212th server (this clan has now merged). There I saw a 212th member named Gekkonen. Yeah, I played casually but then I realised this could be the start of something different! And then the dark side of me had "begun". I took a leap of faith and asked Gekkonen if I could join 212th, and he replied, "Sure, just remove the old tag when ya come back," and so I did, sadly. 212th had been a somewhat popular, active and big clan during those days, and that is what partly influenced my decision to leave 41st, and join the new clan. I enjoyed my time there, rose through the ranks kinda quickly and yeah. Just when I though everything was gonna turn out fine, 212th reported that a disband war was underway. O em g.  Funnilly enough, I had the privilige to fight in the actual war. I did my absoulute best during that time. Once the war was over, there'd been a huge debate about which clan won. Obviously I'd thought that 212th won, but this was to contrast for the other clan. I had enough of this arguement. I had quit purely 'cause my patience had run out. I had in mind to join a new, fresh clan, named Manipulation Group -12 (or MG-12 for short) which was led by my old friend 41player1.


I was enjoying my time there very much -- probably even more than in any of the previous clans. I flew through the ranks very quickly indeed. I'd played in a lot of funwars + clanwars which was very fun :D. More noticed, was I in MG-12 than in anywhere else (I was almost just ingored in the other clans). I had or have a lot of fun in MG-12, we had a laugh everyday! This was soon to change 'cause I unfortunately wanted to join {97th}, a very strict, yet friendly clan, as I thought during that time. "Friendly" was soon not the word I would've chosen for 97th, no. This was because a near-professional player called Blackbird had quit, but said that he'll return to Battlefront II, but will play on the 1.1 version. I had nothing much to worry about since I played on 1.1 often. But people were not so nice when they called me several names, because I was so "giddy" about the fact that Blackbird will be off to 1.1. I got extremely pissed, and so took a break at MG-12's chatbox. Eveything seemed to go fine and calm there. I told 41player1 about the situation and he reassured me with some positive comments. With what I though was a good decision, I left 97th for good. The good days had returned.


Unfortunately, another wobbly situation occurred, because I left MG-12 (yet again) and joined (darkness), a long-running clan led by LordKaboom. There, my friend (no longer) Dex was enjoying himself. I had been in the clan for under a day when I decided I just had enough of the whole "rollercoaster ride" and wanted to take a break from SWBFII. And so I did, I "exiled" myself from the game for over 6 months -- and I had missed a lot of action. 212th merged, 97th disbanded, are just a few pieces of big news to name that I'd missed. After those 6 months I had remembered all the good days during the time of my career. So I decided to pick up the disk, and played SWBF2 again. I went on Xfire, and 41player1 (now Tommo) sent a message right away. And I asked him if I could rejoin for the final time, and he replied, "Of course, just don't change your name more than twice :P", and so I did (although I have changed it more than 2 times xD). Then at early January 2009, we made an alliance between MG-12 and a great clan named [NRA],  which was named {-]SP[-}, Shadow's Peace. Even today, the alliance is working out perfectly, and everyone seems happy about it :D.


I'm still enjoying my stay here at MG-12, and being a part of the {-]SP[-} alliance as of today. I have made lots of good friends, like Tommo, Xterminator, Storm, ZZ (Top), Dan, Marius and a lot of others. I am hoping that MG-12 and NRA will thrive into big, friendly and active clans in the months to come!


~ Written by Greenday -- A Proud Member of MG-12 and of the Alliance


©Copyright Greenday, 2009. All rights reserved.

Bf2 madness

MG-12}Predator: MY BOX

{MG-12}Predator: my bloody box mehe

~=MG-12=~=Tommo=~=Ldr=~: my barrel!

~=MG-12=~=Tommo=~=Ldr=~: his box

-[MG-12]-Stormtrooper-[Co-ldr]: no mine

{MG-12}Predator: brb

~=MG-12=~=Tommo=~=Ldr=~: get ur own

-[MG-12]-Stormtrooper-[Co-ldr]: ok

-[MG-12]-Stormtrooper-[Co-ldr]: mine

~=MG-12=~=Tommo=~=Ldr=~: without stealing

(kills storm)

-[MG-12]-Stormtrooper-[Co-ldr]: lol

{MG-12}Predator: bk

-[MG-12]-Stormtrooper-[Co-ldr]: lol

~=MG-12=~=Tommo=~=Ldr=~: see, gd got hisown

{MG-12}Predator: its my box damit

{MG-12}Predator: i loooove my box

-[MG-12]-Stormtrooper-[Co-ldr]: MY BOX

~=MG-12=~=Tommo=~=Ldr=~: my barrel owns ur (laughs at the pathetic thing)

-[MG-12]-Stormtrooper-[Co-ldr]: mine is highest!

-[MG-12]-Stormtrooper-[Co-ldr]: MUAHAHAHAH

-[MG-12]-Stormtrooper-[Co-ldr]: :D

(kills storm again)

{MG-12}Predator: LOOOOOl

~=MG-12=~=Tommo=~=Ldr=~: no it aint

-[MG-12]-Stormtrooper-[Co-ldr]: EHY YOU

~=MG-12=~=Tommo=~=Ldr=~: pred i'm on ur team!

(pred kills Tommo)

-[MG-12]-Stormtrooper-[Co-ldr]: IM ON YOUR TEM

~=MG-12=~=Tommo=~=Ldr=~: no u tried to steal his box :P

~=MG-12=~=Tommo=~=Ldr=~: all box stealers r bad peeps :P

{MG-12}Predator: yh!

-[MG-12]-Stormtrooper-[Co-ldr]: lol,

-[MG-12]-Stormtrooper-[Co-ldr]: anyway im rep :P

{MG-12}Predator: my box mehehehehe

~=MG-12=~=Tommo=~=Ldr=~: i might use this chat and post it in gb :P

-[MG-12]-Stormtrooper-[Co-ldr]: lol

~=MG-12=~=Tommo=~=Ldr=~: i kno where to find it

~=MG-12=~=Tommo=~=Ldr=~: brb

-[MG-12]-Stormtrooper-[Co-ldr]: yes in gamedata folder

-[MG-12]-Stormtrooper-[Co-ldr]: lag

~=MG-12=~=Tommo=~=Ldr=~: mm

-[MG-12]-Stormtrooper-[Co-ldr]: GET DOWN FROM YA BOXES!! xD

{MG-12}Predator: never!

~=MG-12=~=Tommo=~=Ldr=~: u havnt stolen a box

~=MG-12=~=Tommo=~=Ldr=~: so ur still on our team

~=MG-12=~=Tommo=~=Ldr=~: storm's a cyborg|1

-[MG-12]-Stormtrooper-[Co-ldr]: MY AMMO DROID!

-[MG-12]-Stormtrooper-[Co-ldr]: AMAHAHHAHAH

(fong joins)

~=MG-12=~=Tommo=~=Ldr=~: rep

{MG-12}Fongaw: hi

-[MG-12]-Stormtrooper-[Co-ldr]: muagagaga

{MG-12}Predator: u son of a cake

~=MG-12=~=Tommo=~=Ldr=~: gd

{MG-12}Predator: XD

~=MG-12=~=Tommo=~=Ldr=~: wahay!


{MG-12}Fongaw: lol

~=MG-12=~=Tommo=~=Ldr=~: ur wet?

{MG-12}Predator: XD

~=MG-12=~=Tommo=~=Ldr=~: :P

{MG-12}Predator: nice one tommo XD

~=MG-12=~=Tommo=~=Ldr=~: BITCH

~=MG-12=~=Tommo=~=Ldr=~: SHOOT IM

~=MG-12=~=Tommo=~=Ldr=~: MY BARREL

(kills storm)

-[MG-12]-Stormtrooper-[Co-ldr]: my barrel a few secs >P

{MG-12}Predator: ok the bloody training


-[MG-12]-Stormtrooper-[Co-ldr]: noooooo

-[MG-12]-Stormtrooper-[Co-ldr]: well it is funny